8. feb. 2010

Flere ressurser

Open University, har gode ressurser på informasjonskompetanse (men begrenset web 2.0-faktor)

Resources to help you include:

  • SAFARI - an online tutorial that will help youdevelop your information skills. You can test yourprogress with activities throughout the tutorial. And, if later you feel the need to review or revise key topicsmobileSafari allows you to do this "on the move" via your mobile phone or PDA.
  • How To... guides - includes information on referencing, searching for information etc.
  • Info-Rate - review your information skills. An online tool designed to help Open University students and staffreview and develop their information skills. It consists of four short questionnaires, each covering a different aspect of information skills.
  • Information skills for researchers. A website specifically designed for postgraduate researchers (i.e. students completing their Masters, EdD or PhD qualifications). It also has a useful section on mind mapping.
  • Associate Lecturer Information Literacy Toolkit. Aims to help OU Associate Lecturers to introduce information literacy to their students and cope with the information literacy-related demands that theirstudents might make of them. It contains help and advice designed for all stages of Associate Lecturers' work with OU students, including advice on appropriate information skills at the different academic levels.
  • Live online tutorials via Elluminate.

These may also be of interest:

Information Literacy "is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner". Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

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